How to sleep when hypomanic, without adjusting meds?

Hi guys, I’m having a bit of trouble with my meds and I can’t sleep bc of it. Is there any method you guys use to get to sleep, aside from prescription meds?

Years ago, with an active mind I’d use white noise.

Even in winter…( it’s not cold over here really! ) . …I’d have a desk fan blowing near my head so that was the only noise. Televisions jammed between channels wasn’t bad either! Just drowns out the inner noise but know it’s hard if your getting up there!


Thank you! I think I need something a bit stronger though. I took all my prn dosages for the night and I’m still wide awake

The only OTC thing that helped me sleep was the Solgar brand 10mg Melatonin. I’d take one a night. No other brand of Melatonin helped me.

I’m taking 3 mg of melatonin a night and have been consistently sleeping 11 - 12 hours a night. Very happy with it!

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