How to set my self free from this ideas implanted?

they say they full control me
thus, i couldnt run , if i run they stop my body
from years till now i fat i cant run as a habit i couldnt maintain fitness
i couldnt do any kind of sport
if i decided to go for run they let me one time , two times
third time i couldnt even stand up from my seat and go to run
i also couldnt also go on diet becoz of vioces they let me one two times third time no and 1000 no

my life was going normal i was studying and go to college as usual but they dont want to let me to run and maintain healthy body weight i am now 124 kg

should i tell my psychiatrist to increase dose or change medication
i heard that
all mentally ill people struggle with doing sports and maintain healthy bod weight

thank you

Try a recumbent exercise bike in front of the TV, that way you can spend 30 minutes to an hour biking while watching TV or playing videogames, it’s very low impact and effective.

When I was off meds I’d walk longer distances. I think the meds sedate us. Otherwise we can become manic and well, clinically insane.

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