How to report suspicious activity

You call the local police number. Not 911. Just a tip.

You can call 911 also, I’m sure they’re used to ppl calling 911 when not 100% necessary.

How the heck did you break your hand on someone’s face in the past anyway? I just don’t really get it man?


Hey man look, I know it was bad. ok? or at least you think it was bad? I wasn’t there man and even I don’t have the foresight to see it. It just makes me so mad that you guys blame me for problems that you created in the first place.

Maybe if you were allowed to go on rollercoasters and play mortal kombat you wouldnt’ be such a #)$%)#$%#$%)%$#.

Just suck it up man.

I feel sorry for you, but look I actually have real problems to deal with ok? Maybe I’ll catch you around? bye.

I actually saw you and I was actually like wtf? no way.

what is this thread even

Just me yelling at some guy i actually know in real life that came on here to troll me… And his corrupt friends that don’t really give a ■■■■ about him either. And just run when the sirens ring.

I’ve been having a heavy symptom day and this thread threw me for a loop

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