How to relearn to talk?

how it happened for you to loose your talking? does the isolation worsen this symptom? i try to talk but i am irritable. kisses to all!

I had word salad and clang association pretty bad… plus thought blocking where my brain would erase it’s self in the middle of what I was trying to say…

it made me very self conscious and I did shut down the verbal communication…

It took me a while and meds to get it all back…

Talking is like a skill… don’t use it… I loose it. Isolation kept me from being embarrassed from not being able to talk… but the loneliness was killing.

Meds… speech therapy… being on there to re-learn how to keep a sentence on topic… it helped…

Good luck and I hope things start to get easier for you.

Back in Dec 1999 my mind got totally messed up after one mysterious phone call and somehow I lost my abilities to talk and communicate in all languages I knew. When I called my brother overseas and spoke my native language, he just commented that I could not speak my native language. My mind was really messed up, inability to communicate while hearing voices, I am glad I went over that phase.

i really feel anger and irritability when i speak to my sz friends… i dont find them well. it sucks… i cant socialise anymore without get irrtable. somebody who got this?

Sometimes when I attempt to do my independent talk therapy, it just doesn’t work. My brain wants to continually “shut up” everything, even my own voice. So, basically, I am left with just playing music or lounging in complete silence.

We’re social creatures and should be allowed to communicate. I suspect some form of otherworldly injustice happening where people “on the other side” are blocking us from continuing our true paths in life. Damn criminals. Damned if they’re real… damned if they’re not.

who is to say we were talkers before our illness set in. I have always been quiet but after developing sz I have been more conscious of my dialogue towards others. There is no easy answer for relearning how to talk and socialize… only practice, patience, good feedback, critical feedback, all this will help aid in your recovery. I’ve been fortunate that I have been able to work pretty consistently. Work is a great place to develop and recover our speaking abilities. Good luck.

Socialising is a skill just like any other skill. You can learn it and better yourself everyday.

You could try reading these posts out loud to yourself as you go along. It might help you re learn how to say things by sounding them out if you need to and then verbally composing your answers before you post them which might help you with more ‘off the cuff’ speaking. Then write down what you said and if you don’t like it (as in maybe you say you are afraid of dogs but then you remember you’re only afraid of spotted dogs for some reason) verbally re compose your answer and type that one instead. Do that until you’re happy with what you’ve posted.

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I pretty well shut down socially when I was fifteen. I never have been good at small talk. I’ve found that isolation does worsen this symptom. I’ve pretty well quit caring about socializing now.

I agree with Kenny there, it’s a skill, you’ll get better at it

What About Those Who Lyve In a Universe Naught Controlled (by) Tha Scribe Lie Of Body Language and Actually Enjoi’s Thine Air Of Freedom From Puppetry and Control … ,

Altho Marilyn Manson Once Said , “some of them want to be abused” … ,

What About Those Who Would Rather Naught Dance Along That Pier Of Endless Suffering (???)

I don’t think it’s Anna1s case here. If you don’t actually want to socialize, you don’t have to.

Jus Conversing About Tha “skill” Notion … ,

Whatever Do You mean (by) Claiming It’s a Skill (???) ,

and For What Exactly (???)

Well, prior to my psychosis I was an extrovert, really talkative and sociable. After my psychosis I developed a more introvert manner, and since then it’s been hard for me to socialize, specially on situations where I don’t feel confortable. But it’s getting better, with time and practice

How Does One Practice (???)

With people! I know, it’s hard

Ok , What Exactly Is Tha “practice” , What Does Such Consist Of (???)

I don’t know, I think it varies from person to person. For me it’s like, I remember how to talk normal to people, the chit chats and such, I try to remain on that topic. Use humor but not too much. Be friendly, calm and not say gibberish.

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but Thaz Jus My Personal opinion …

It depends, there are actually good people out there.