How to reduce functional auditory hallucinations

I am trying to get rid of the voices I hear and took a smal step forward with one of my experiments. I can subjectively hear a voice or several voices when my neighbours have their radio or tv on. To turn on the same channel or use and listen to youtube water stream sounds while I have the tv turned on seems to make it much harder to interpret what objectively are irrelevant stimuli. The smal step forward consists of a resulting reduction in the number of voices I hear whenever I realize that the noise is comming from my neighbours tv.

The alien voices I often hear in response to non-verbal environmental sounds such as traffic noise or the pitch and timbre of a distorted maybe distant voice “retain certain acoustic features that were present in the original signal” and are no doubt just like when I hear and with awareness control my inner voice verbal thoughts heard out loud. Voices like these are what Michael D. Hunter label functional auditory hallucinations.

Quote: “In schizophrenia, functional hallucinations are defined as those that occur when a patient simultaneously receives a real stimulus in the perceptual field concerned (e.g., hallucinated voices heard simultaneously with—and specific to—the real sound of running water)… …Another hallucinated voice occurred simultaneously with actual speech uttered by television announcers. The semantic content was the same as that of the “engine voice,” but the “television voice” sounded human, exactly like the real voice of the television announcer who was speaking at the same time… …In this patient, we observed a direct relationship between the timbre, prosody, and pitch of real environmental sounds and simultaneously perceived auditory hallucinations… …This case suggests a further hypothesis: normal activation in the auditory system, which corresponds to neural encoding of natural-sound object and location characteristics, may be misinterpreted, leading to the false perception of functional auditory hallucinations that retain certain acoustic features that were present in the original signal…” Source: Letter to the Editor, Characteristics of Functional Auditory Hallucinations by Michael D. Hunter, M.R.C.Psych., and Peter W.R. Woodruff, Ph.D., M.R.C.P., M.R.c.Psych. Sheffield, U.K. Am J Psychiatry 161:923, May 2004

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Thanks. This describes some of my voices. Now I know the rest of the story.