How to Quit Smoking?

Hello, I just wanted to know if anybody here has trouble trying to quit smoking? My voices tell me to light up all the time, which makes me continue smoking even though i have gone 2 days without any withdrawl because i vape.

Anybody else have this problem? Voices forcing you to smoke?


I have no ideas. I am a non-smoker.

Cold turkey. As far as quitting without any nicotine replacement, the cold turkey method is great. But plan it ahead of time. Pick a quit date in advance, maybe a meaningful date like a birthday or holiday, and gather people who are aware of your attempt that you can call upon for moral support if you start to falter. Smoking cessation is very difficult to conquer. This is because of the brain neurochemistry which is affected as well as behavioral barriers to combat. Good luck.


I read an article about mindfulness of smoking which means you live in the moment and feel it. That means that you really identify with the act of smoking. The inhalation, every breath and how it makes you feel. Recognise the taste, the smell and the feeling it gives you.

Don’t kid yourself that it tastes good. It doesn’t, it is that you are accustomed to it. Note it and see it.

How does it feel when you smoke too quickly? How does it feel once the nicotine craving is quenched, when does it make you feel sick? If ti doesn’t make you feel sick, smoke a cigarette straight after the first, and see how it feels. It does make you feel ill. Note it and identify it.

Once you have realised how it actually makes you feel, then you can begin the process of stopping kidding yourself that it is actually enjoyable. This is the first step to mindfulness of smoking. Then you can quit and be motivated to quit. If you don’t realise that social conditioning has made you want the cigarette and continues the cycle then that is another self realisation you must address.

First realise that the cigarette makes you feel awful, and that it stinks, and that it kills you, and that it tastes bad. Each and every cigarette you have you must study it and how it makes you feel. How you feel when the drug craving is quenched, then saturated and then the sickness. It always follows, it is a drug overdose. Realise what it does, understand be mindful.