How to prove I am not schizophrenic?

I didn’t eat meat and animal products during more than a year and I ended having b12 deficiency and a neurological issue.

My doctor sent me to the hostpital. There I told the doctors(who were actually students) about the possible vitmain b12 deficiency. Instead of taking those information this young woman went in a argue with me.
She was also arguing with the other student about which one of them had the good diagnostic.
They were acting like children.

Thus when I told her a may have a vitamin b12 deficiency and it migh have caused my problem she started arguing. She didn’t have anything to prove it but she decide she diagnosticed me a multi scleroris.

I sta one week then I decided to leave.
The senior doctor asked me why. I told him I had work to do which was true. But he insisted.

So I told him about the childish bevaviour of his student.

But he went in a cold anger and then sent me in a psychiatric hospital. There I told what happenent to the psychiatrist. But the student was one of his relative.
So he built up a medical file in order to trick the judge into belivieng I was deluded and skyzophrenic(I am french. Here in france when someone is locked up in a hospital psychiatric a judge control la légalité de cette décision but since he’s not a psychiatrist he follow the psychiatrist).

He had in mind to lock me and present me as someone with skyzoprenia, paranoid delusion of persecutions.
The more I was complaing about it the more I appearded as deluded.
He told the judge not to belive me even if I looked normal and making sense because I had a “systematized delusions”.

I managed to convince the judge who made me leave the hospital. But still this psychiatrist ■■■■■■■ presented me as a “delusional schizophrenic”, which I am not.

It is true I didn’t leave my basement for months but it was because of my brother who’s a psycho and who was so jealous he could not stand the fact I could live and try to be succefull. When I had problems he harassed me with the help of my sisters, mother, and father. The only way I found to be safe was to not to live and trying to be succefull in order to not trigger them.

But I never had delusion. I never made suicid attempt. Never had suicidal thinkings. Never heard voices in my head. Never acted like if someone else was acting.

How to prove I am not skyzophrenic??

To who are you trying to prove you don’t have schizophrenia?

Maybe don’t worry about trying to prove it and just go be successful in life :blush:


The psychiatrist and the doctor are the ones I want to sue.
But in order to sue them I need informations about what are skyzophrenia and depression.

It is true I remained at home during many months, but there was a raison for it. My malignant narcissist familly is the raison.

I have never been someone “social”, trying to make “friends”.

Does it make of make a depressif or a skzyzophrene?

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no one is schizophrenic here


As someone who has had to deal with a lawsuit before, I can tell you that it’s a lot of pain and headache for very little benefit. You’re better off just letting it go and accepting your losses. If you open up a lawsuit, the doctors will fight their hardest to prove you are insane. If you just move on with your life, you can still be happy and successful. Lots of us have a schizophrenia diagnosis and the diagnosis itself doesn’t really impact our lives very much. You don’t have to tell anyone that a doctor once diagnosed you this way.

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I agree what would you gain? don’t have to tell anyone anything it won’t affect getting a job or finding friends I would just let it go and move on…


The problem is my narcissist brother already told my former boss about it. I am in a lawsuit with him(boss).

Two years ago my other brother married. As he refused to give me back my money and was threatening me instead as he usually does I stopped any relation with him. When he came to invite my to his marriage a week later I ignored him. And I didn’t go.
But he is very concerned about how his wife see him and since she’s not a psycho like them she wonders why I ignore him. Plus my sister who used to be his accomplice also stoped to talk to him for the same raison.

Their are malignant narcissist. My misfortune is their success.

When the doctor sent me to the psychiatric hospital I had to tell it to my mother who told it to all the familly. You are not treated the same way in a psychiatric hospital as you have friends and familly or are alone.

My borther saw it as an occasion to coax me, helping and moaning abou why we are not a nice familly. His whife comes from a healthy familly and she can’t understand these behaviors. He’s afraid about her discovering why.

When I was shut in the psychiatric hospital he told the psychiatrist I didn’t leave home for many months but he did’nt tell him he was the raison.

Since the psychiatric has in mind to present me as a dangerous personne who should be locked, he used this information to present me as a dangerous skyzophrene.

But I have some proof he was lying

  • He made up is medical file base on partial fact
  • When I was shut in he gave me the charger of my phone. In france personn who are in psychiatric hospital can’t keep this charger because some already commited suicide with it. But he made an exectpion for me, obviously because he knwew I was healthy and not dangerous as he was trying to trick the judge.
  • I used a tape recorder while I was with him. So I will be able to prove my speech was not as he described it.
  • He refused to heal my b12 deficiency, claming I was deluded and the previous doctors were right when they told I didn’t have b12 problem. Acting this way he put my health at risk since when I left the hospital I got the medical file and the blood test clearly show a b12 deficiency.

Lasty I had to go back to the hospital and there I found others student who again tried to send me to psychiatric hospital. She will ask me ton of motley questions and then claim my speech is motley. Of course I was never violent or bizarre but they will claim the oposite and if I deny it then I am the insane.

This is why I need to know what is schizophrenia. I never heard voices or saw something which doesn’t exist. I never acted like if something was controlling me. What else?

You don’t need to have hallucinations to be schizophrenic. Many people here don’t hear voices or see things. Some just deal with delusional thoughts and paranoia. Delusional thoughts are when you truly believe something that is objectively not true. I thought I escaped a government research lab and the government set up check points at tool booths looking for me. I would have to hide a scar on my hand, because I thought that was how they would identify me.

From an outsider perspective, it does seem likely that you deal with delusional thoughts. Unfortunately, schizophrenics and other seriously mentally ill patients are 80% more likely to be victims of abuse than the general public. This is because the abusers think they can turn around and say, “That never happened, they’re just crazy!” In reality, this doesn’t work. Police are able to look at the objective evidence and investigate claims of abuse. Advocacy lawyers can help mentally ill people stand up for their rights.

If you are trying to prove you are mentally competent, in America you need to have a doctor sign off on it and say you are capable of thinking clearly and making decisions. An advocacy lawyer might be able to help with that. I don’t know what the rules are in France. Of course, if a doctor studies you independently and decides you are not mentally competent, then you’re back to square one. In order to be declared mentally competent, you might need to prove you are taking psychiatric medication. I don’t know if you’re willing to do this.

When I was shut in the psychiatrist asked me some questions. Then I anwsered him I was not borderline since the questions he asked seemed to go this way.
I told him I was not borderline but I knew one person who is and who oscillates between depressiv episods and excited ones.
He then lost his temper, pointed his finger at me and repeated “I can make you dance on the table!”(manipulating/con me) and was self-valorizing himself.
I was not showing off about how I coned a borderline. I was explaing him I read about this subject(because I was trying to understand the actions of my falilly).

Plus the student doctor was a relative of his friend.

I don’t want to take any medication since I don’t have any problem. They gave me Abilify. The judge told me if I was willing to take medication, I told him I was but he knew I won’t.

The psychiatric and doctors told I was deluded since I firmily believed I was the victim of a conspiracy set up by doctors.
I never saw or talked about a conspiracy. And when I was complaining about the fact he was forcing the conspiracy thing then he claimed I was deluded since I believed he was a malintentioned doctor.

But the blood test cleary show I was right. This is the reallity.
This is not a conspiracy but foolish people who are in love with themselves because they are “great doctors”.

Are you currently taking the abilify they gave you?

No. I only took it when I was shut down in the psychiatric hospital.

When the judge ordonned my leaving the psychiatrist felt like he lost. He had a lot of self-pity.

He made a prescription. But he knew I didn’t need any medication and of course I do not take it.

as far as I know the only way to actually get vitamin b12 from the natural kingdom is too eat dirt… or dirty vegetables…

potato skins are known for holding a lot of the heavy trace elements… a serving of 100 grams of sweet potato with the skin on has 3mu-grams of b12/cobalt… so 2 servings a day or half a tater or so… sweet nutrients god damn…

if you got diagnosed as SZ… the only way to have it revoked is too have that diagnosis changed by a professional.

Now it’s almost like a criminal record… except it should be a private affair as it is a medical issue.

Forget about it and live your life. If you have never had a persistent hallucination or delusion and your cognition is clear and your motor skills are under your control then there should be no need to mention.

Those who mark your papers treat you as a patient… and as a patient you really have no say in how they diagnose you.

Parkinson’s is on my list of ■■■■ I don’t actually have. lol as is poly-substance abuse… though I can’t refute the second.

anyways take care dude. Keep it your past to yourself and keep on living.

Have you ever heard of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? It teaches us how to challenge delusional thoughts with rationality. It might help you if you’re not willing to take the medication.

I never heard voices in my head, I never had any hallucinations . I never thought I was schizophrenic
Years after recovery I look back and see that was all true but my hallucinating was so realistic I could never recognize it at the time and my voices were only distorting what people were really saying they weren’t obvious to me at the time. But I was delusional , paranoid and thinking people were out to get me. They really weren’t. Schizophrenia was not like what I thought it would be like. It took me years to realize and accept that I was schizophrenic and be faithful to taking my meds as requested. For some people not being able to comprehend you are sick is part of the illness.


Me too. I was like this man, convinced people around me were wrong. They’re not wrong, the doctors saw you for a good reason.


With this kind of raisonement anyone could be considered as a schizophrene.

What makes a delusion a delusion, even if it is super “realistic”, is the believ is false.

“A delusion is a belief that is held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.”

I wasn’t strongly convinced I had a b12 deficiency.
I was convinced the doctors weren’t really caring about it despite I told them and insisted for them to take a look.
Instead they kept telling the b12 was OK.
And they kept telling a b12 deficienvy does not cause neurologic problems.

Bu when I left the hospital I found out they were actually messing around. And I was right.