How to prevent burglaries


My paranoia very much stops me doing those things mentioned lol. The main one I thought of is sliding doors need some sort of dead lock system. It’s often overlooked and it’s so easy to rock them out of it’s socket and off the lock. Doesn’t need much just a small simple bolt lock strategically positioned will do the trick.

It’s good advise, but if they want in, they will find a way. Break a window or something.

But the whole point is to make it HARDER for them to break in.Yes, a professional burglar can circumvent most of your precautions. But if you want to keep out the neighborhood kids, the drug addicts looking for drug money, amateurs or first timers, etc. than there are steps you can take that will discourage many burglars.

That’s true, no point helping them. Or you could go all in and “Home Alone” the entire estate.

Or wedge a piece of wood in the bottom of the track to prevent it from sliding open.

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don’t have a house !
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