#)^(# - How To Pray - #)^(#

1.) Clear Your Mynde … ,

2.) Clear Your Heart … ,

3.) Allow Positive Subconsious Thots & Bury Tha Negativity … ,

4.) and Await Thine Divine Surprise …


and If You Aren’t Freaking Out To Much , After Such , Share Your New Wisdom Within Thus Thread (!!!)

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Take care sleepop

(I’m a godless machine so I can’t contribute beyond that)

I’d rather worships maths and Pavlovian psychology as they have made my life sustainable


It’s all brain chemistry but there’s some good techniques out there. Breathing works…but active minds are often at a loss.
I’ve found Zyprexa works dogs bollocks for my general disposition but we are all different…that is the key.

Find good psychiatrist.

Take your medications.

Live life and don’t come here too often. It’s full of negativity and if your around long enough you find out that your just saying the same bollocks to everyone.

If your freaking out I suggest your not doing one of the above!

Peace, Life and Love,

A friend in the struggle,

rogueone. +

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