How to politely tell a friend she's going on too many holidays?

It’s none of my business frankly but if she keeps inviting me it becomes an issue I’m finding it hard to say no too.

Either it’s that or is because I’m going places with my partner too and it’s difficult to balance these relationships.

Maybe you should lez out. What’s with you guys and saying holiday all the time?

You mean vacation?

Holiday here means Xmas or thanksgiving

I’m going to start telling people “oh I’m just going on a holiday.” When I take a dump lol lol

Well it doesn’t where I’m from.

What’s with you guys and saying Xmas? Do you mean yule? :roll_eyes:

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You do that than samp

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Holiday in Europe means vacation

Yes it’s Yule. X is the Greek word for Christ. So we say Xmas

I know. I was just pointing out how silly Samp’s post was.


Just be honest with her that you can’t go on holiday with her

Classy as usual.


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It is celebrated as The Festival of Excess Material Consumption and Strategically Placed Blinky Lights in the Pixel household.



I guess Scandinavia was harder to Christianize than Britain because we still call it by its pagan name.


dont want to get flagged

That’s not a bad thing.

Shame that you can get flagged for pointing out that a certain religion’s “gospel” is a pile of homophobic crap that should be burned.

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Did you read my post b4 I took it down? It had nothing to do with homosexuality.

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