How to organize your own blog/portfolio/site/ etc on the Internet?

Problem A: Numerous existence throughout the years throughout the entire Web, perhaps with different usernames, different domain names, different aliases.

Problem B: Getting difficult to organize your private accounts and public profiles to be consolidated into one place. Where should they be seen in just one place?

We cannot change most of these accounts especially comments posted on the Web throughout the years.
As for Problem A, account password might have been forgotten, domain name might have not been renewed, aliases might have been compromised or deleted. As for Problem B, even they are accessible from one single place, search engines might still generating results with hyperlinks to those personal sites and public profiles.

Do you get what I mean?

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I know exactly what you mean. I’m really having a hard time knowing what to do about this myself. I make a new account sometimes on different sites to try and consolidate all these fragments of my identity but I forget so much and lose memory of what I have done in different places.

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As long as you keep to one main email address then recovering lost/forgotten passwords can be a little easier. I have had the same email address through Hotmail since 1995 I think. So as long I never forget the password for that then I can get new passwords for every account connected to it.

Recovering or claiming profiles from work related sites after I stopped working was time consuming but possible. I Google my name frequently to see what is attached to it.

Keeping a list of websites/profiles and their passwords can come in handy. I have one for me and my husband so that if anything happens to us someone can go and cancel all of our accounts.

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Maybe I need to come up with something like and all fragments of identity are to be published on the site according to category page. Also a login section to access link or plugin to mail accounts and other secure sites.

You are a loyalty person. :+1:

I didn’t online that early, and sometimes the ISP removes the mailbox features which is something out of contol for subscribers.

I am happy for you that it works for you that way.

Trust me I haven’t been able to reclaim a lot. Websites with old service providers.
I made this site in 2002 I think. I have no idea how to get it down lol

Edit: Actually I just emailed them to see about getting it removed or claiming it

That site looks old, maybe 1998 during that period? Edit: Sorry you did mentioned it was 2002.
Lots of information, and links.