How to not walk with the MI stamp on your head?

How do people do it? Whether it be depression, bipolar, sz etc.? How do u all not walk around with the stamp on u that says mental illness and take pride in urself that ur just like the human sitting next to u?

What do you mean? Like why do I not seem ill or why do I not tell everyone? Sorry, I am just a little confused.

I just try not to think about it too much. Some days that works, some days not. I’m not sure, but I think a lot of the people I associate with here have a vague notion of knowing I have something wrong with me. It didn’t help that a lot of people came to our home when we were living with my brother-in-law and they saw the bottles of medication in the bathroom.

Well how do u feel pride to overcome the stamp the rest of society likes to put on u with mental illness. Basically how do u overcome stigmatization

Oh, right. I try to keep my internal dialogue supportive. And when it isn’t I try to use CBT techniques to question my thoughts and make it supportive. I struggle with this when I’m depressed though. But it helps a lot to try to be your own best support.

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Well, I have never seen anyone with a mental illness stamp on their head. Not being sassy here, but just in that seriously I have never seen anyone and thought, “Mental Illness”.

I have probably encountered some people with untreated MI and thought they were an @sshole, not realizing that they were in the throes of mania or something.

It would probably be better in general if we did know when people have a MI. A lot less things would get taken personally, would probably be a lot less hostility and bitterness in society.

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I’ve been able to tell in several cases by looking at the person and the way they are is just that - comes from inside + struggles to meet/not meet the world. Not something to do anything about.