How to manage symptoms having simple schizophrenia?


So I have to manage negative and cognitive symptoms which can’t be helped by meds AFAIK. At least in my country. Or what drugs can help me? Stims, maybe? When I take antipsychotics, I just fall asleep, so they’re not for me.


The only thing that worked for my negatives is low-dose Piracetam. I got addicted to the motivation burst and started megadosing it though, and it pretty much caused me to develop positive symptoms, by overly up regulating my NMDA receptor density, which caused them to sharply down regulate in some kind of defence mechanism. Mind you, I was taking teaspoonfuls a day, when I would have been OK with just 1 gram (1/5th a teaspoon.) I was emotionally driven, and I paid the price for it.

Still respect the compound for making me, a total introvert, so outgoing that I travelled to different countries just because I wanted to experience new things.


I think with negative symptoms we need a therapist. Or change of living.


Dang. That was a lot.


There’s nothing worthwhile that will cure or drastically improve negative symptoms/cognitive decline.

Have you heard of sarcosine? I take 4 grams a day and I notice a small difference. I’m more verbal.


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