How to manage money better?

My first step is buying nicotine patches as the budget cigarettes here are like $16 a pack. But what would you recommend for learning to better manage money? Stuff personally tried and tested.


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Buy from supermarkets instead of small grocery shops, as the latter tend to be more expensive.

Buy large coffee and sugar packs or boxes instead of sachets.

Buy one 5-litre water bottle instead of ten 0.5 l bottles.

Buy ebooks instead of paperbacks/hardcover.

Downgrade your cable/internet/phone plan to the minimum acceptable level.

If you are a sex addict and go to brothels often, look for other sex addicts in your area and have sex for free.

That’s it! That’s all I could think of :angel:


Increase your chances of an STD or becoming HIV+. Not a good idea.


Excuse me what? Oh God I’m laughing. Did you say they can all have sex together for free lol STDs hiv um,no thanks.


Yes I agree promiscuity is dangerous. Always practice safe sex. But if someone goes to the brothel often they are already exposing themselves to infections so might as well look for a cheaper alternative.

Im a big spender. I forced myself to only spend a daily amout each day. I calculated my income and bills. Whatever was left i devided for each day of the month. And i left a sum for emergency spending. This money i.dont spend.

So now if i go to the store i only have certain sum for the day…i dont get a snack if that amount is spent already. And if i rwally need that snack i have the other card for that. The emergency card.

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I used to save all my receipts for each month… At the end of each month I would sit down with a piece of paper and write down all my expenses in a column.
Rent $750
Gas for car $100
Food $300
Internet $60…
and so on…

Then I would write down my income
SSDI about $800
Job about $900
Monthly gift from parents $100

I had all my receipts in a basket and I would take them out and go through them one by one and write the name of the place I spent money and how much I spent there and what I spent it on.
It would look something like this:

Mcdonald’s $4.50-food
Walgreen’s 17.50-miscellaneous
Safeway $160.00-groceries
McDonald’s $8.00-food
Vet $300-cat
Petco $23.00-cat food
and so on…

So I had all my incoming money and all my outgoing money. I could see where I spent money and where I spent it. The trick was to plan for the following month and not spend more money than I had coming in. But I could see where I was wasting money and improve for the upcoming month. It really didn’t take that long to do it but I don’t do it anymore though I want to.

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I found this crude and offensive.

I find I have a lot more $$ now that I don’t waste it on beer.

Come on Nick you are usually so easygoing. What could possibly be offensive about my suggestion?

I have a hunch you’re just jerking my chain :grin:

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OK, I’ll explain my roundabout sense of humor that goes on in my mind. It was a joke. You had people getting on your case for the brothel remark. So instead of picking on the obvious offense (which wasn’t that offensive) I connected the two and I joked about something as innocuous as water. In my mind, the joke makes perfect sense. So yes, I’m jerking your chain. I think you got it :smile:

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It requires discipline.

Before my illness I was just spending money without any care and always struggling. Once I got diagnosed with the illness it made me grow up and examine my life especially my financial situation and I vowed to never go broke again so I started to discipline myself and control my spending. I started small but I built up a $1000 in savings and then gradually progressed from there.

I quit buying energy drinks everyday even though I drink them once in a while and cut out all extraneous spending because I realized that even small things add up over time. I started to calculate everything in terms of yearly spending and realized that I need to be more conscious of my spending because everything costs money.

Since my illness I’ve limited my spending to paying my car-insurance, gas, and helping my parents with bills which includes groceries and the electricity bill and buying clothes here and there. Once I got enough in savings I started to read about investing my money and stocks. I read as much as I could and eventually took the plunge which has paid off so far.

So it can be done again it takes discipline. I know I’m not living on my own so the expenses are not that much but it’s still something for me to be responsible for. Just thought I’d share my experience.

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