How to make people happy

I’ve got the plan bro.

People need billions of nations.

They must be sovereign.

Just give every single person on earth their own nation.

It’s really the only way, it’s true to. So funny sometimes this place.

I wanna be the Grand Canyon.

That way I consider all them watching, tourists.

Funny, but there is some true in this. Some Israelis purchased a big island in Finland and they will build a cottage village in this island meant primarily for people in Israel, makes sense.

Thats what it will take.

Utter seperation.

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I’m not sure if we need billons of sovereigns. I think if we have hundreds to thousands of nations to suffice, then organize people that have congruent thoughts & feelings into same-nations, true peace will abound.

In a world beyond this one, I imagine God will take care of all the organizational skills. I know for a fact that I will not be moving if God puts me on planet “X”, in country “Y”, of state “Z”.

I don’t want to mess with any of God’s orginal ordinances, unlike our ancestors/forefathers.

Nothing will change. The stronger nations will still try bully the weaker nations.

I actually might want to go back to Germany.

I hear it’s beautiful, and I think I would be well received.

I like it here, but I want to adopt out.

Make me, Germaine.

Yes, that’s my new name, my new country. Germaine.

I’m just glad you didn’t want to move to Dildo, Newfoundland…

That would be quite the nickname!

Ha, once my mother used that term to describe a guy who was really causing problems,
" He’s such a dildo," I almost fainted!

Well my mother is mighty religious, and never swears, or anything, but I was quite impressed actually by her take.

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BE .


BE .


BE .


Which Jus Means ,

Be Yourself .

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But das wut i wuz doin tho.

No one has ever succeeded in not being themselves, it’s impossible to do.

Not all the time, but for short periods, sure.

“You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.”

It turns out that learning to control yourself over short periods helps with controlling yourself over longer ones. I very rarely have scatalogical language outbursts now and I’m pretty good at keeping my temper in public, or at least removing myself to somewhere private before I flip my lid.

Progress is possible.


You are still being yourself though.

We’ll always be ourselves.

Kinda like, you are what you do?

How about this ‘scat outburst’…

A guy that acts like something he doesn’t want to do is still being himself.

It’s impossible to not be yourself.

I always found that funny when they said that, “just be yourself”. I always think “well, thats what i was doing . How can i not be myself?”