How to maintain weight on antipsychotics?

Does there any method to maintain weight on antipsychotics ? what measure to take to stop increasing the weight ?

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I maintain my weight eating basically protein and vegetables. I eat pizza once a week, but the rest of the week I eat protein (grilled meat or fish) and vegetables.


@Katherine85 Yes I did low carb diet with meat and vegetables but I started to get dizzi and they say that its because of low carbs will hold less electrolytes in the body.
How to prevent feeling dizzi and head ach with low carbs?

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Low carbs could make you dizzy, and taking magnesium and having a cup of salty water could resolve your dizzyness. I’m doing low carb and high fat diet, and so I sometimes feel the same. But I feel better when I drink a cup of salty water.

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You could good old fashioned calorie counting. Download an app to keep track.


I have been losing weight by increasing the amount of time between meals. Seems to be working - my jeans were falling down today


@anon94176359 how may hours time between meals are you doing ?

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I eat two meals a day (pretty big meals) within the hours of 4pm and midnight. I am starting off pretty damn hefty so I can get away with eating a fair bit.

I haven’t counted calories once

I think it’s all in getting the right meds for yourself and exercise. I was an eating basket case on risperdol. But, on ziprexa and exercise, I am fine. Some people gain weight on ziprexa so it isn’t for everyone. It’s just guess and by golly, even the doctors admit that.

I’ve lost 28 pounds since starting Zyprexa in mid-March. I use a nutrition tracker on to make sure I stay between 1200-1400 calories a day. I eat mostly vegetarian, though I do eat chicken twice a week, and I eat steak about once every two months.

Calorie counting does work! Some here use MyFitnessPal, you can check out that and Sparkpeople and see if you are interested in starting.

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My new psychiatrist said zyprexa is responsible for weight gain

@Om_Sadasiva Doesn’t have to be if you work at it! I am consistently on target with my nutrition goals, and I am losing.

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My weight is terrible. I’m 5’9" and I weigh 256. Oddly enough, it wasn’t the antipsychotics that caused most of the weight gain. It was a blood pressure drug. I ate a lot when I was on that BP med. The antipsychotics have also caused me to gain weight. I’m getting a little worried about having a heart attack or stroke.

Yes, maybe. If you exercise, you may not gain weight. But with negative symptoms it’s difficult

Take a high dose of fish oil. With long term use it can help lessen the big appetite.

I lost 20 lbs on 30 mg of Zyprexa and I did no exercise, just counted my calories. Now the downside and I agree I would’ve lost more if I exercised, but I plateaued. But I switched medicine so thats no longer an issue.

I lost 20 lbs eating 900 calories a day. If I wanted to maintain my weight, I might eat 400 more estimated calories. I also eat out every now and then and eat more than my diet allows. I still lose weight.

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I am on latuda and abilify. I lost some weight by eating less,exercising more and I pretty much gave up soda completely


Yes, some anti psychotics increase the weight. Almost all the anti psychotics are responsible for weight gain. The only way to counter this is by eating less consciously and doing proper exercise. One should be very careful about this aspect because weight gain is responsible for many metabolic disorders.

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