How to lower dopamine?

How to lower dopamine?
Other than meds.

Don’t worry about neurotransmitters, used to study all about that stuff to understand everything because I was a chemist.
But even the doctors and researchers don’t fully understand why meds work.
You’ll find many testimonials that they do work although it takes a long time to find the right one for your brain.

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Blocking dopamine is proven to stop psychosis, that’s what all antipsychotics do…

I need something other than meds to lower my meds dosage.

Its more complicated than that. Increasing it via nutrition and exercise and meditation might help with energy and negs and might actually be good.

Titrating the right dose can take a while.
Tell your doc what side effects you don’t like. If you’re stable he/ she could tinker with it or recommend a new one.
Remember the doctor works for you.
Make them work to make it right, that’s their job.

I have tried 5 APs and some ADs. Nothing helped.
My pdr said there is no meds for negative symptoms and told me the sz and ap history, how some szics did not function in society after taking aps and fixing their positive symptoms.

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I’ve been on several APs at once. I guess if you knock someone out so much they are drooling out of the mouth, it can possibly help. Sort of like a lobotomy. I don’t like that feeling though.

Once I was so medicated I almost died. I was in ICU for 2 weeks from NMS. I cannot take injections because of that now. I also am very cautious with doctors, hospitalizations, and meds.

I think some areas of the brain with schiz are high in dopamine or are super sensitive and others where it is very low. That’s what I meant.

There is a condition out there where people have super high dopamine levels but don’t experience psychosis I think.

Then I heard in therapy that nuns have bigger or more active PFC due to meditation and prayer.

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I get a high from nutrious foods like blue berry smoothies. I actually feel a buzz.

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