How to lose weight on olanzapine/clozapine?

Well I lost 10kg in 2 months on clozapine from 100kg to 90kg and then weight loss stopped. Some people told me its called weight loss plateau. How can I further make progress ? I follow a low carb diet and I’m still not losing weight. Right now I’m in fact gaining weight

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Eat max 1000 kcal and u should see results. Even if just lie in bed.


Anybody know any ready made food items which I can buy from a store which is high in fat/protein but very low in carbs ?

I have been limiting my calories to 1200-1400 per day since I started Zyprexa in mid-March. That should mean losing two pounds per week, but sometimes I only lose half a pound. I figure it’s the Zyprexa fighting me, but I am fighting harder. Overall, I have lost 27 pounds since starting it. I’m happy that at least it is going down, even if it’s not as fast as I would like. At least I am not gaining!

One food I eat three or four times a week is Morningstar Farms Black Bean Burgers. They are 110 calories, 4.5g fat, 13g carbs, and 9g protein. Put them on two slices of Wonder Bread, and they are only 250 calories total. They fill me up and I really like them. Morningstar Farms makes lots of vegetarian products, but the black bean burgers are my favorites. They’re not expensive either. I pay $7.99 for a package of eight burgers, so $1 each. Beats what you pay when eating out! I am not vegetarian, but I do like things like Morningstar Farms and Amy’s frozen meals.


I only take one meal a day im on 15mg of zyprexa

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Macadamia nuts.

Kabanossi line pork sausages, very dense in fats and protein, they also got no carb fillers.

Salami sausages.

Cheese and cheddar.

Heavy whipped cream as fat bomb.

Chorizo line pork sausages.

Sardines in olive oil.

Some deli counters often serves cooked eggs and good fatty pork cuts.

Prepping Keto/Carnivore food can be hard especially for heavy depressed person, but it’s so much worth it.

I was losing 1 lb a day on the keto diet eating about 1300 calories a day. But it was hard to maintain because i really love carbs.

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Are you hungry all of the time eating low cal on zyprexa? Or do you find the urges to eat not too bad?

I lost a ton of weight on risperdone, which was hard to do. Sometimes the urges would get the best of me and I would give In and binge. But I kept at it and lost 75 pounds at my lowest.

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I was Olanazapine for 8 years and put on 2 stone while doing manual work and being a Veggie.Now on Lurasidone and my weight is back to normal

@anon99082702 The Zyprexa reduces my appetite for some reason, rather than stimulating it. The only time I get hungry is right before my menstrual cycle, then I am just under my 1400 calorie max because I refuse to go over it and gain weight. For example, two days ago, I was at 1391 calories. Still in my range but barely.

I went to 1800 calories one day since I started restricting, and I gained a pound that fast. Zyprexa is relentless wanting to put weight on you, so I have to be meticulous.

Good for you for losing 75 pounds! I had lost about that much a few years ago, and then when I went on Geodon and then Abilify, I gained it all back plus another 20 pounds. I am losing weight now that I had already lost before. I am determined to reach my weight loss goals now though, even on a drug like Zyprexa that normally makes people gain. Zyprexa has been my miracle drug, so I am not going off it.

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give up dairy, wheat and sugar

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No can do. 1515151515151515

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Talk to a nutritionist or even to a specialized doctor. There are types of diets that may help you lose weight and even makes you mood better.

I lost more than 10 kg with keto diet when on aripiprazole and around to 5 kg when on olanzapine, but I wouldn’t advise anyone to start it by themselves.

I have decreased my meal from 3 a day to 2 meal a day. I fast in afternoon, no fruits or sugar or tea, just water.

I’ve lost 2kg(4.4 pounds) in 4 days. It works

Low carb diet + no sugar + fasting = weight loss

You can’t go without sugar, your brain will experience hypo-glycaemia. You have to consume everything in the right amount. A diet without a lot of carbohydrates and sugar can lead to frustration, loss of consciousness. These are just some of the consequences. If you are a normal person, you just need cardio exercise and a normal diet. I picked myself up a diet and pills here and lost weight in six months. It’s not fast but I can cope with hunger and I do sport occasionally to keep myself healthy.

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