How to loot?


THis is weird did you make the picture? if the zyprexa works the guy doesnt need the tin hat.

Yeah I did that. It’s just that it doesn’t work for my voices.

Whats the significance of the satellite?

It’s that famous theory how satellites send voices to our head of cource. Anyway, this was intended to be humorous.

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It makes a person think about things I will admit, get it now and it is funny slight_smile:

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Haha this meme slaps!

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Well, after I sacked Rome I took all the gold and valuables I could find.

That’s great man! Keep up the good work.

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Right mouse click, n00b

Sure take the good stuff out of your mind and be that.

Good image ! :smile:

This makes zero sense to me. I feel dumb.

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I don’t get it either

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For those who didn’t get it: Well those who have Facebook should have seen this game - where you need to get the money - so you just open up those the way you don’t die. I just photoshopped it and made a Sz-version out of it. :smile:

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