How to live peacefully with schizophrenia

I am really depressed and frustrated with life… my childhood was awful…!!! I never got chance to stand-up. .how are u guy’s living with it…i want something positive. .

I let go of most of my anger and accepted that I am not going to live up to everyones expectations. To accept that you don’t have the energy to be like everyone else also helps.


I had to let go of what I thought my life should be and make it just what it could/can be. Some goals I had that might have otherwise been attainable, were not with my psyche the way it was and is. So, instead of my original hopes and plans for my life, I had to choose “Plan B”, and then “Plan C”… and finally “Plan D”.
There’s always a way to live, @far_cry0. As long as you’re alive there are still possibilities. Be patient with yourself and work on whatever you can when you can. Just don’t give up.


You’ve got to get out and experience life. Start volunteering somewhere or find a meet up group with similar interests.

You have to try to take a positive outlook on life too. It is possible. I have schizophrenia and I try to see the bright side in bad things.