How to learn while you cannot learn

I hate my job…

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You and a LOT of people. I hated my nursing job when I had it. I actually hated every job I ever had. The only thing I liked about my nursing job was the status it gave me. And the money.

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You should seek help from psychologist
I am sure he could help you

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I seeked but didn’t helped

You can work on your spirtuality or meditation

Of course you do. If it was fun to do, you would pay them for it. Like the business models of Las Vegas and Disneyworld. That people dislike doing something is the reason they are compensated for it and it is called work.



I get your point, but I also think it’s possible to find a job you like. Every job will be stressful, but I honestly think people find jobs that they love and that they derive meaning from.

My mum for example is a librarian and she said that she should be paying them because she loves her job so much.

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As long as you’re not expecting much pay. Compensation is tied to responsibility and pressure. Those can take the fun out of even the fun jobs.

I loved being a professional photographer. I didn’t like the wedding part of it (brides are ugh and their moms are UGH). I didn’t like the paperwork part of it. Or having to photograph events for next to nothing.Or the incessant file, software, and hardware management. Turns out I loved about 5% of doing something I thought I’d love 100% so I quit.


I think that anyone can learn under the right conditions, but most people don’t have the patience to teach.

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I couldn’t agree more with this.

My father is a smart man, but his teaching abilities are not at all bright. If he were to explain something to you and you didnt understand it past the 2nd time, he would get fed up.

G*d bless the teachers of our world for having to put up with all KINDS of shiit.

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With effort. And yes, more effort than other people.

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