How to learn patience

How can I learn patience…

I’m always on the go and want things to happen now…

Are u patient and enjoying the journey and if so how did u learn it.

Kind regards


I stop caring so much about stuff, it seems to work


I will try that also. Thanks


Meditate man… u will learn patience then after…!!!


Do u meditate farcry ??

I tried but I just end up laughing at myself


I’m layed back, and my work allows me to take care of stuff on off hours so no need to throw myself into the crowd. I try hard to keep life simple and stress free

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Hi mountainman…

Yea patience is a winner.

May I ask what kind of work u do else u don’t have to answer that question if u don’t feel like.


I tried to do meditation a long ago… due to mental illness i cant sit still and meditate… holy cow…

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Yep I am the same man I can’t concentrate when I try meditate I end up taking the piss out of myself

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I used to be very impatient. I wanted everything to happen NOW, every whim had to be fulfilled, and every emotion had to be acted on immediately.

Somewhere down the road, I realised there’s no harm in waiting.
You won’t die from having to wait a few minutes to do something, and your emotions and whims often go away if you don’t act too much on them anyways.

Like they say
“It shall pass”

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You sounds just like me

That’s one hell of a deep topic… right? ‘Short fuse’ … ‘bursting out on ppl…’ etc

Negative symptoms taught me… :slight_smile:

Patience is a virtue that is gained by gaining the virtues that come before it that support it. The virtues are summed up in this model.

1.Temperance (leads to)>
2. Chasitity (leads to)>
3. Generosity>
4. Patience>
5. Diligence>
6. Kindness>
7. Humility

The opposite of these virtues (vices) are:

  1. Gluttony (leads to)>
  2. Lust (leads to)>
  3. Greed>
  4. Anger (impatience)>
  5. Sloth>
  6. Envy>
  7. Pride

All people fall into these problems

1.Once there was a man who ate too much.
2 He began to see that he was naked.
3.Therefore he grabbed at the leaves so that he might use them to cover himself.
4. Seeing that it was as if he could never get enough leaves to hide himself he became angry.
5. Being angry he refused even to do his rightful duties.
6. Seeing that his ‘brother’ was praised for his deeds but he not he became envious.
7. Being envious of his brother he became proud and refused to listen to the truth

As a result he was filled with doubt, fear, and hatred instead of trust, hope and love, even so that he murdered his brother.

A writer by the name of John cassian writes about these things very well in book 5 of his work “institutes.”

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That being said this is an extreme example to illustrate a point. Also some people cling to a particular vice more than other. All people have these virtues and vices to varying degrees and honestly I’m the worst. The point of this is not that a person is a demon because they eat too much or too little (not enough is also ‘gluttony’), but that progression in virtue is possible through a concrete means. By ‘eating’ the truth, rather than bagels alone XD

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I want patience and I want it now.

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I was very impatient until I was about 35. Then it just finally sunk in that I can’t have everything right away. I think being impatient might get less as you get older.

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