How to know you're schizophrenic

You take a shower and the shower faucet is making a noise, and you perceive it as a voice talking to you


That would be an illusion, not an hallucination.

@Malvok schizophrenias have both illusions and hallucinations, also delusions.

So do ordinary people. Illusions that is.

@Malvok Under the circumstances of what i wrote, does hearing the shower faucet talk to you sound like something a normal person would perceive?

my voices r not triggered by running water. they r there whether i;m in the shower or not, whatever i’m doing. sometimes only a few hours a day in total, other times every second of every day. there is no rhyme or reason to it. no triggers that i know of so i’m going to have to disagree with u . xxx

People can misinterpret lots of things. Seeing a shadow and thinking it’s someone in your hallway. Mishearing a sound and thinking it was someone calling you.

Now if you’re hearing a full on conversation, that would be troubling.

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I have visual hallucination auditory voices other mental illness and illusions like what I have wrote

I hope you can get the correct treatment and be at ease.

People don’t believe a word you say.
People talk down to you as though you are subhuman.
People abandon you.

You lose your job.
You lose your friends.
You lose contact with the world.

Your health goes down hill.
Your sense of hope is thrown out the window.
Your expectations of others still respecting you, fades away.

Then you come to your senses when you see how others around you seem to focus mainly upon themselves, thus you rise above them, and you begin a new life.