How to know triggers?

I feel them (voices)live with me
Next to soul
They sometime talking sometime silent
They wear my body
How to know the triggers ?

I’ve just learned them over the years. What to avoid and what not to.

I’m talking about the big triggers. Small ones still happen but I manage them.

My voices live with me, just like ordinary persons. I don’t know my triggers. Obviously TV, when it talks directly to me or when it leaves hints and symbols about me

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I feel some time it is crazy thing when it come to tv coz no one know me

Are voices and triggers the same? I thought they were different.

What do you mean?

Do you mean like triggers that will piss off your voices? I’m constantly trying to stay on their good side coz I’m afraid they might do something to affect me

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Do you keep a recovery journal? You enter problems and successes into it. Over time, patterns of things that trigger you will emerge when you review it. And you SHOULD be reviewing it, especially with your doctor if they express interest.

Trigger that make voices to talk or take action against you

I have nt problems as you may think i only feel like voices living with me in any free time they pop up and talk and before sleep and…:open_mouth::open_mouth:
I dont know they dont have time they talk in
But meds r working well

The only way to know your triggers is to pay attention and learn as you go.
For an example, if someone talks about self-harm or suicide, my voices start encouraing me to do those things, so I generally stay away from depressing music and posts with trigger-warnings.

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I don’t have triggers they talk to me about every thought I have there’s nothing that triggers them because their always there

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