How to keep a job with my illness?!


Love it! Thanks


Wow! You’re really committed to having good mental health. I bought a workbook to work on some issues but my therapist thought it wouldn’t do me any good


Yes I am committed but it’s hard


It depends where you live. In my state you just need a doctor’s note which is easy to get. They usually deny you if you have advanced skills or education unless you became ill after obtaining those skills and you can no longer work the types of jobs they qualify you for. I’ve worked through a place that will provide accommodations for anyone with a disability so that they are able to work. It’s not about your financial situation. It varies by state and what’s available in your area but definitely a good resource.


The anti-anxiety ones have been invaluable. I’ve gone from living in fear of picking up the phone at work to routinely dealing with aggressive and upset customers without batting an eye these days. You need to be pretty determined about planning ahead for how you’ll react when certain situations come up. I have a binder with bullet point suggestions for different scenarios in point form that is within reach of the phone. Helps me if my mind goes blank, puts me back on track.


That’s a great idea @MrSquirrel


Most workplace problems are forseeable. The trick is to plan ahead so that you’re ready when you hit the icy patch.


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