How to improve social skills

I really wish I had the charisma of Obama or someone like that. Can it be learned? If so, how? I have a mild stutter on top of SzA which doesn’t help. But I still have hope for improvement.

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Practice practice practice. Volunteer work is a great way to interact with kind people in a non-threatening environment.


I was about to say the same thing…

Also read up on personality types, and learn to identify them and how to relate to them.

You have to be a people person. I’ve never been one much so I can’t help you.

Obama? I think you’re aiming too high…

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Oooha aaaah hehehe heh ehhh heh.

That’s so not me.

I mean I’ve learned to function well enough to pass as normal, but that took a lot of observation, study, and practice.

Recommend this book to others.


I just read this one in regards to soft skills.

Okay… so now the million-dollar question is that can soft skills be taught?

Yes. It takes a lot of effort and practice. Years.

True, It says the same in the medium.

Yes. Social skills are learnable. A lot of talking is listening and knowing context and when to respond to cues. It is possible to improve your social skills for sure.

Oh! I have that book. It’s awesome! The author lives in my province too. :smiley:

I like “mirroring.” For example, if somebody tells you “that darn guy stepped on my toes!” you can say “Sounds like you’re really mad!”
It makes them feel listened to, and understood.


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Hmm. . .

Social Skills.

No Thank You.

That Type Of Life Makes Me Sad. . .


That’s a good method, but if used too often or too obviously, it can feel a bit empty or annoying.
I try to, instead of saying “it sounds like you’re angry”, relate by saying “I can imagine that made you angry” or “I’d be so angry if that were me!”
That way, it won’t sound like I’m just parroting their emotions back to them.

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dont worry about your stutter, even moses was “of slow speech” which many specialist believe means he had a stammer.

Reading out loud to myself really improved my listening skills.

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I have pretty good social skills. Get along with everyone at my job. Really just have no interest maintaining friendships with anyone, rarely meet anyone who is more interesting than myself alone.

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