How to help people suffering from Schizophrenia?

How to help people suffering from Schizophrenia?


Many sz need help with daily living tasks like driving. Or a support system of people just to talk to. People to read and learn about their illness. Get them to stay med compliant. Or help with money. I think the best help is to get the sz person “moving” again. Join a church or a support group or therapy or a class or activity.


Make sure they’re able to get to their appointments and the pharmacy.


Is it okay for them to smoke?

Yeah, technically it doesn’t affect schizophrenia unless it is marijuana or something.

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Nicotine is a mixed bag. It’s been shown to help people with sz/sza focus, but it can cut down the efficacy of some medications–in other words, patients who smoke have to take a higher dosage to reach the same level of
effectiveness of their medication than if they did not smoke. Also, smoking is bad for your health.

And like @anon62973308 said, marijuana makes schizophrenia worse.


Do anything you can to make them happy and give them hope. Be understanding


Someone to talk to can be nice. Maybe learn more about the disease then offer an understanding ear. Everyone can use a friend, especially someone who may struggle to make one in the first place.

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I like to have someone to not take me to hospital immediately when I can not answer questions.

Putting me to bed with a nourishing meal and drink and a sleep tablet and sleep and make sure take medication and get some space from people I do not like around me or others either cause I may need time and space.

But my boyfriend holding my hand helped because it can be scary and intense and hysterical and overwhelming and anxiety panic etc

To give me space and time at home to crewchette etc

Simple things and not fight about things.

Not forsing me to do things I do not feel well enough to do because when I forse myself or others forse me I usually get worse.

Like when others forsed me to do a course and I was not well enough but employment agency did not listen to that and I wanted to do my best.

I was hospitalised soon after they forsed me to do course .

Volunteer work I was paranoid and delusions about them ,the disabled people aswell.

A simple to do list could help depending on how bad I am.

Like take garbage out , make coffee…
Little chores around house if doable or lots of sleeping and stay in bed for a few days can help.

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Water can help too.

And kindness.

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Listen to them and try to understand there feelings. Make an effort to socially include them. Help them perform tasks but don’t be pushy about it, except they might not be able to do even simple things. Smoking is no more harmful for schizophrenics than anyone else.

Stick with them, and make sure they know you won’t stop being their friend even if they lose the ability to seem interested in hanging out.

Make sure they know you’ll be there for them without judgement.

And remember that you can’t fix them. You can try to help, but they’re the ones who have to take their meds and participate in therapy and want to try to get better. You can try to motivate them to do these things, but in the end, the “patient” is the one with the responsibility towards themself.


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Talk to them like they’re a real person like ANYONE else bc I see the way some have treated me and it just made me feel awful and pitiful. Talk about normal things with them and try to challenge them by assuming they don’t always have the excuse of being sick. I’m lucky enough to have one friend who is like that- she also doesn’t know I have sz but that’s by design

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Encourage them to:

keep their pdoc appointments
take their meds
keep up their hygiene
get good sleep
get good nutrition
get good exercise
use reality testing
come up with their own good coping skills


I think it would be nice if someone would include me to their family. Ask me over on holidays for family dinner. Invite me on a trip with them. So i would feel i have a family so i would not be alone and also taking part of someones family makes you learn to have traditions …and you can learn about keeping traditions in a safe environment.


Where do you live, @anon62371846?

In estonia. Its near finland and russia.

take your meds as prescribed. eat healthy, spirituality. excersise

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