How to have a good holiday?

When it feels like you have no one?

I’ll be spending it with my mom this year and all we have is eachother. I do have one friend who invites us out to dinner with his family sometimes but I’m too ashamed of myself plus I’m not comfortable around large crowds. I used to go to his house sometimes but I’m still in recovery from last years break. We’re a lonesome family my mom and I. She has a lot of health issues and doesn’t believe in medication so sometimes I can impatient with her but I love her and try to support her as best as I can.

This year I bought an expensive roast beef with some corn tortillas because it reminds us of her little hometown in Mexico. My grandmother passed away this year and my mom and I really miss her as our visits to Mexico won’t be the same without her :frowning:

I want to send everyone hugs and good vibes no matter what your situation is.

Take care everyone and happy weekend/Candian Holiday.


I’m sorry for the loss of your, grandmother. That’s especially difficult in a small family, I imagine. Your mother’s health issues must be an added challenge. You sound like a lovely daughter and are a valued forum member. :slight_smile: I remember seeing your selfie on this site; you’re so beautiful. Please don’t be ashamed. Congratulations again on your math and volunteer work! Happy Columbus weekend! Thanks for remembering Canadian Thanksgiving.

PS. RE: Having a good holiday - I’ve heard that starting traditions can be a good thing. Maybe there is a small tradition that you can start this year with your mother. Something like taking a picture together in the same spot each year, for example.

PPS The expensive roast beef and corn tortillas sounds delicious and like a potential tradition. :slight_smile:

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Hi Tomasina thankyou for your kind response! Your posts always brighten up my day, I’m very glad you joined the forum! and thank you for the compliment. The tradition sounds like a good idea actually.

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It’s always great to see you on the forums, @MissJennyJen. Thank you for your kind words. :hugs:

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