How to go number 2?

How can you go number 2? So far just drank 2 glasses of prune juice but still can’t go.

Go where? Whats number 2?

Constipation is a serious side effect of Clozapine. You should report it to your doctor immediately.


to go poo 15characters

Oh, I think there is a special chocolate they sell in the pharmacy for constipation.

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Ppl used to prank others by giving them that chocolate in school lol


You can buy home enema kits at the drugstore. You add this special type of salts along with warm water, and I guarantee you’ll go within three minutes LOL

The chocolate is exlax




I’m on so many AP’s and other constipating meds that my situation is serious. My recipe is 2 senna tabs along with 60 ml. of milk of magnesia.


I don’t go everyday.
Usually my normal pattern is skipping 2 days in a row during the week.

It’s all good.


We fed this to a teacher at school once as a treat


Decided against an apple and thought it would be funny to give her laxative chocolate

Teenagers are cruel


i go poo every day… always in the morning, occasionally i have a day where i can’t go but not often. My dad takes some laxative occasionally to help him to go poo.

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You can buy Lactulose out the chemist 2, a very sugary syrup that i used to dish out to the oldies in nursing homes.

Some young woman that lived in my old shared accomodation used to go “digging” and use her fingers.

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I use Miralax. It works great

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There are cleansing enemas that will help with that.

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For a quick relief every now and then, I find Magnesium Citrate works good every time for me. For long term help of frequent constipatation your doctor can prescribe a stool softener and some kind of laxative or supplement.

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I am taking a chocolate laxative. I think it kinds of upset my stomach.

What do you mean digging? Digging for shite? Like rubbing their arse with their fingers?

Yes senakot is good

My stomach really hurts right now.:disappointed_relieved: