How to get thru this change

My son has been on clozaril for a couple of months, and is responding pretty well to it, as well as tolerating it. Recently he has become very subdued around me, and I can’t help think he might be getting depressed even tho his positive symptoms are decreasing. I’m afraid he is actually feeling down now about his illness and his life now that he can see it more clearly.

Any suggestions how to get him thru this? I am looking for a therapist to work with him.

It will pass. We grow accostumed to all the craziness inside our heads and once the fog starts to lift we need time to get used to reality again.

It’s normal and actually a good sign, if he was very excited I would think something was wrong.

:slight_smile: Hug


Ive tried to get him to come to this forum, so far he has not tried it.

It took me a while to create an account once I found it… Give him time. Maybe it’s not for him the forum, some people are more independent.

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I’ve been told by several doctors that once you clear away the brush that is psychosis, you’re often left with residual problems (anxiety, depression, etc). A lot of the time there are a lot of high-powered emotions that need handling. Having schizophrenia isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and it can be a lot to bear. Keep the lines of communication open, and have a plan in place in the event he starts slipping into depression.

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You mean for this to be in Diagnosed?

I agree with other’s responses, and would recommend Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It’s hard for me, at 49, to cope with just the concept sometimes, and all it’s taken from my life. But your son is getting help and needs to be constantly encouraged to stay vigilant. My son has sz as well and doesn’t want to be on this forum, among other things, but he’s ok today. I check in with him and he gets annoyed sometimes but I keep doing it. Stay there for him, and God bless.

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Thanks for responses and support. I stop by him place almost every day, and will remain vigilant - the last few years have been pretty hard for him, so maybe his brain in just adjusting. I know he isn’t nearly thru it all.