How to get rid of fearing people

Specifically people going to kill me

If you go by the numbers alone, like a mathematician, odds are nobody is ever going to kill you. So no need to worry! Just like your never going to win 10 million in a lottery. Its all about the odds

I think the odds are higher though

Why would people want to hurt you? You are just a teenager with mental issues. You will be okay.

I fear that people who know me (that is, my friend and my mom) want to kill me

also strangers but thats normal

When I was at your age I never occupied my mind with issues that you have now. I was just a teenager who collected moths and butterflies. Just trust yourself that nobody is going to hurt you.

Ok I’m trying to trust you

Any other tips?

It’s like not wanting anyone to be mad at you. You don’t want it to happen, but it can happen when you mess up. But I do think it is unlikely that the anger at you would be homicidal. Relax.

I know its illogical but i cant help it

Are you feeling a need to be punished?

Not that, nope…

It’s good to have measure of fear, as some people are bad.

However, balance is required to make sure you don’t push away the good people.

Unfortunately I cannot seem to get this right at all.

I know what I need to do, but putting it into practise is something very different

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