How to get rid of a intrusive thought?

I think that there is cyanide in my stuff and it will cause cyanide poisoning. I do not believe it 100% otherwise I wouldn’t write it here but I’m still scared of it. help, please

Honestly you have to stop trying to repress it. That makes them worse. You have to acknowledge the thought and accept it. Say “this is an intrusive thought and it isn’t how I really feel” then move on with your day.

It helped mine a lot. That and meds reduced them a great deal.


ive tried but it just keeps coming into my mind again and again

Yes it will at first. It takes time. Every time just say “This is an intrusive thought and it isn’t how I feel”

If it ever becomes too overwhelming you may need a change in med dose or meds.

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When you get an intrusive thought you think of consequences of it if you not do the compulsion behavior like checking, redoing etc. Now what you need to do instead is think of the consequences if you went along with compulsion, intrusive thought etc. Yes you need to again respond like this when next intrusive thought come and think of what you are becoming if respond like this every time, how your life get so complicated, it increases anxiety, depression and many others.

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i dont have any compulsions

You do have compulsions like reassuring, worry, checking, doubting etc.

doubting and worry isnt a compulsion, its normal

also doctors havent diagnosed me with OCD or compulsions either so pls stop

Doubting and worrying is normal but if its used needlessly then it become compulsion. Actually its the doubt and worry which leads to compulsion acts. So need to stop doubt and worry before it becomes something worst.

I do not know if you have OCD or delusion but in both cases that technique works.

most likely just anxiety, not ocd or delusion

I’ll explain how you can cope with this intrusive thought or delusion or anxiety. If you worry about it, you find everyone suspicious and become paranoid, can’t eat anything, can’t sleep at night as thoughts of terror comes to mind. This makes your life so hard as you doubt everyone. Worry about what you become if hold on to these kind of doubts and thus simply put off that doubt, worry from mind as you not want to make your life miserable like that.

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