How to get over body issues!

stand in a rough bikie tattoist shop…half naked ( from the waist up, i thought i should add that ! …i remembered to put my pants on that day ! )
facing the goldfish bowl shop window that looks on to the arcade with people passing by, gawping in.
i felt slightly exposed to say the least given that i have the body of a greek god ( bacchus - god of wine )
and ( cakecus- god of cake…and pastrius- god of pastries ! )
but hey i survived, i was treated with respect and kindness.

it is good to get out of our comfort zones and push our boundaries.
we are stronger than we know.
take care


Well, where’s the tattoo and what did you get?


It’s great that you took that step. If your comfortable with it, please show us some pics.

My sister in law has the Schrodinger Equation on the back of her neck.

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i got a swallow and writing underneath on my upper arm.
getting dragon/angel wings put on my back…
take care

i would upload stuff…but don’t know how…!?!
it took me ages to work out how to put my avatar up on here !
take care

Click this icon where I have the green arrow and upload either an image from your computer, or it gives an option for image from the web…

When you get the screen click where I have the arrow here to add from your computer, whatever file you have the pics in…


haha, this site has a limit for the size of the photos. If you took the photo with a phone camera, that would pass the gate of this site. But if the photo was taken by a regular digital camera, it won’t pass.

Sith, I am glad that your health is OK today.

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Open photo in MS paint and reduce size…usually 33% will get a digital camera pic to a usable size…

next time I’m gonna charge for computer picture lessons, LOL…j/k…


I’ll know how to do something, but after several months I’ll forget it.

I was going to change my avatar, but I didn’t find any that I liked.

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Thank you e_lunaseer, I tried it on my computer, it worked. Really handy!


What an odd coincidence that you applied a swallow.

I just had a spits done last week.

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I bet its a cool tattoo @darksith - glad you are feeling better

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