How to get over a fear of being used in any kind of relationship

And then being rejected

Figure out what you want in a relationship and try to date people who meet those needs.

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What matters to me is someone who likes me the most for my my spirit, and doesn’t care about physical looks.

The problem is I have a hard time trusting my gut on who is such a person.

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And I’m talking about men, as I’m not interested in women that way. :ghost:

I think their behavior can be a good indicator.

You’re never really going to know what’s in someone’s head.

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Yea that’s true I am not a mind reader.

I do wonder if such men actually exist like that.

What do you reckon.

Look for a partner to date. Dont put sex first if possible.
Then maybe you find a good one?

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Oh for sure. Although I think if someone wants to date you then there’s a good chance they’re attracted to you physically. I say this because you said you want someone who doesn’t care about your appearance.

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