How to get off shots

I believe I’ve never had psychosis to begin with

Why are you spamming the forum daily?
Everyone here told you that you have psychosis, even your family and Drs. You don’t want to believe anyone so why are you reposting the same thing many times?


Because i feel trapped in a ”psychosis trap”

Me also - I don’t know if I ever had psychosis. But others can judge that better especially pdocs. It seems like I had.

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What´s a “psychosis trap”?

Trap of medication and being called psychotic

A few hours before you were talking about how you had psychosis…

Yes because a doctor says i do

Why do you think they’re saying this about you? What’s led them to the decision that you need to
Be on meds?

Because they think my intrusive thoughts are delusions

And idk

I guess you are late to the party…

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What are your intrusive thoughts? I’ve had both delusions and intrusive thoughts (if you don’t mind sharing)

I don’t have these anymore but:
-thought that there is gas in the air

  • thought that there was sedatives/weed in my food
    -thought my parents were going to kill me
    -thought that there was cyanide in my stuff

Okay well it’s good that you don’t feel that way anymore; regarding those beliefs, it could be one in the same, you were anxious over those things which snowballed into something more hence your diagnosis and meds. I know it may seem like everyone is saying this but your doctor does know best; and by cooperating with them you can help yourself quicker

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I don’t know… i wouldn’t call it psychosis

I’m on shots for no reason

The shot tapers out of your system automatically no need to taper shots

That’s not true.

I’m on Abilify shots and tapering down.

My doctor says it’s like a six month long process if you want to get off meds completely.

The lower dose shots,

Then the even lower dose tablets.

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I moved from invega shots to pills. Doing well so far.

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Do you have interrupted sleep? I have horrible sleep and vivid dreams on Invega

Not that i know of