How to get my life baack?

Tired of seeing everyone around me having a life and even enjoying it. I lost mine since having schizophrenia and it never improved since then, some of my psychiatrists gave up on me transferring me to other psychiatrists because of my negative symptoms.

I drown myself in computer games to escape the fact I have sz and don’t have a life you could try that maybe

I can’t play on my own, I need my online friend to call me to play for 30 min but its been a week he hasn’t called. I don’t want to call him.

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I took supplements but its risky. I was desperate perhaps more than you. Don’t need them anymore.

My favorite was sodium benzoate. It still sort of works.

I like ashwaghanda for ED.

I suck even at videogames.

Why don’t you want to call him?

a book my help the power of positive thinking… by norman peale. my help a life time for you.

vitamin b complex will really help you
if you take it right dose and right timing

I don’t feel good about calling him, he has a life and is busy working and hanging out with his friends.

It doesn’t help I take it every morning, supplements are useless in my case, its severe.

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That’s already in my vape juice, it doesn’t help. Ashwagandha can cause psychosis just like ginseng.

I can’t focus on reading a book.

one must do things one don’t like in order to change, sorry i don’t like reading. but you can

im nearly 40,i used to play video games but age makes it hard for me.medication makes it to play video games.

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According to you, everything can cause psychosis. Early on, I thought candy or sugar caused my psychosis. I took the risk because I wanted to get better. I was largely stupid and ignorant and tried everything sometimes all at once. Some of it worked, some of it didn’t.

Like I think you said Welbutrin worked for you, but for me it causes psychosis. It’s not simple like you think it is. There’s like a million side effects from each med but doctors only look at the top or most common ones. There’s risk associated with everything.

It’s not like we live in a bubble or have a compromised immune system…

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Where did I say it worked? It only worked to stop my nicotine addiction. I didn’t say everything causes psychosis, I really read that high dose ginseng or ashwagandha can cause psychosis.

Ya, I guess you did not say it worked. I wasn’t sure. I was going off memory.

But I took the recommened dose of ashwaghanda and it increased my ability to have fun by a lot, thus reducing the negative symptoms of ED.

I took large amounts of sodium benzoate to experiment on myself and it worked temporarily.

Since I don’t have bipolar or mania or even hypomania, I just have schizo-affective disorder – depressive type, I experiment on myself. I used to experience zero pleasure and not feel anything. Now I feel enough pleasure.

My biggest thing is executive functioning (planning and doing activities) and sustained motivation.

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So Ashwaganha recommended dose didn’t cause you any positive symptoms? Im willing to try it even if I know its placebo…

I can’t take Ashwagandha, I take meds for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes: