How to get excited by things?

I have periods where I’m more excited about things, be it movies, music, video games, being creative.
I sometimes wonder why I have these periods. What do you need to do to get more of that excitement?

A little bit of coffee :coffee:


I used to get really happy from coffee, but then there’s the crash and you feel worse than before. I seem to not get the high nor the low of caffeine anymore though, I think it’s the meds.

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I was advised to “fake it 'til you make it.” I acted like I was excited and that I was having fun even when I wasn’t. At some point a switch flipped in my head and I really was excited and having fun again. I think it’s a matter of building a new habit.


I think my recovery from anhedonia was three fold.

#1 I kept trying things new things. I think it can help not to have that expectation that you will not enjoy it as well. If your anticipating that it’s going to suck and be boring, it probably will be.
#2 I think allowing myself time from my latest psychotic episode allowed me time to “recover” from it. Whether part of my anhedonia was like a ptsd from the trauma of psychosis, I don’t know. but it seemed time helped somewhat.
#3 I credit a lot of my recovery from anhedonia with being on the lowest dosage of meds that controlled my symptoms. Obviously something you need to talk with your pdoc about first though. When I was on Invega, it was just extreme. When I switched to Aripiprazole I felt improved some. When I lowered dosage of this, it seemed to help even more, but like I said, some of this may have been time and determination as well.

IDK. Thats my experience

Edit: Both emotions and enjoyment have increased for me.


there was a time nothing was exciting…I had lost hope…life seemed over for me…very dangerous period in my life…then I got on a new med and everything changed for me…been happy ever since.

When you have too much of something the excitement is fading away. Maybe have a month break instead.

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Vary your activities. Try doing things you haven’t done in a while like reading, drawing or watching a film etc. I think its easy to get lost in the same routine but if you set some goals to do a variety of activities you’ll feel more enjoyment when you get back to the stuff you usually do as it will feel fresh.

its all in your brain. the reward system and dopamine is behind your excitement. read about this topic and you will learn more. its little bit complicated but it worth it to be aware of how your brain works.

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