How to get a job?

Hi guys, so I am having a lot of difficulty finding a job. I have applied to Starbucks, Tim Hortons, amusement park, and bank tellers positions. I got rejected on all of them. I thought all of these are entry level jobs. I have never gotten a summer job back in university so that makes things even more difficult, now that I have an employment gap of 5 years.

I am thinking of going back to my master of finance program and finishing it and hopefully find a finance job afterwards. However, I am extremely worried that no one would hire me, again because of my lack of work experience.

I never applied to warehouse positions and I see a lot of those but I cannot handle heavy lifting anymore because I injured my wrist. Any thoughts on what kind of jobs or education I can pursue would be appreciated.


I’m looking now with a similar gap and its rough. I am open to lots of work part time and had good references from my last job. Best of luck to you with your work and educational pursuits!

Where I live (Midwest U.S.) there is simply so much competition. Years ago I worked in human resources at a company, and part of my job was filtering through all the resumes/applications when we put out a job ad. These ads were for unskilled work, just data entry, no education required. They would put out the ad, and within a few days, my inbox would have thousands of resumes. Thousands of people would apply for the job within days. I am sure that unfortunately thousands of people wound up feeling rejected, when in reality, we just had like 2 openings and 4,000 people applied. Often low-wage jobs that call you back right away - well look out, something is wrong, there is a reason they have such high turn over and are desperate for workers in a less than great economy. It can be a good sign if you have to wait a while for your lucky break.

Thanks. You at least got good references from your last job. Arg…I was too depressed and shy when I was younger in high school and university to find a job to work. I was always feeling that I would be rejected even if I apply. Now it seems it has really come true. :frowning:

On a side note, I did get contacted on one of my job applications just now, but they were asking for references. I am now trying to ask my school professors to be my reference. One of them had said they would be my reference but when my potential employer email them, they did’t respond. I really hope she just didn’t have time to get to it yet.

Yea I had worked for Cutco (Vector Marketing) before. I live in Canada but I am pretty sure they are from the United States. It was a total pyramid scam job selling knives to your relatives and friends. Worked there for less than a month and quit and that was my only summer job in my life.

Job hunting can be very frustrating.

I sound like a broken record on this topic, but if you live in the U.S., and are diagnosed with a disability like schizophrenia, maybe you can find out if your state offers vocational rehabilitation and apply for it.

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If you have a strong car delivering pizza is a good place to try. They always want drivers. Just make up some story about how you worked for your parents for five years to cover the gaps in your work history. Another possibility is telemarketing, though that has gone down considerably since they passed some kind of law against cold calling. They will let just about anyone give it a try, see if he has the knack. Use the same story about working for your parents to cover the gap in your work history. Then there is the job of doing bill collecting over the phone, but you have to be a real SOB to do it. One job that I think they will let anyone do is janitorial work in a nursing home. The residents there defecate all over the place. You might face some competition from illegal Mexican labor, and it’s not a job you would want to keep for long anyway.