How to get a girlfriend and get a life

These days get a partner is very hard… I don’t do online dating it sucks… want to find partner doing some activity

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just be friendly

most girls like that


Try Seriously

I am sick of these dating sites

I like a kind man with a good sense of humor. Race, weight doesn’t matter


Maybe go to a skate park. Some girls do skate.


Get good genetic parameters!

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Join groups for an activity you’re interested in, so you’ll meet more people with the same interests


Have good genetics.

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Who pray tell has good genetics?

What are good genetics?

I have good genes for height and intelligence, but terrible genes for weight and hormones.
I’m kind of cute, but I’m not model-like attractive. I also have sz. Do I have good genetics?

Oh this is terrible

@Pikasaur , good genetics have several components.

A - a high level of energy
B- very good all-domain intelligence
C- A high level of aerobic fitness and muscle strength( it correlates with energy but it is not a linear relationship)
D- To be free of diseases like cancer etc.

What about soul

Well @anon48059102 , soul is not directly tied to genetic parameters.

Soul does not have importance in a relationships?

I don’t know.
But I would automatically discard a woman with poor genetic parameters.

Fitness can be obtained through training, and no one is born with a sixpack.
energy can depend on a variety of things, like diet and activity level.
Intelligence can be expanded.

And cancer can, sometimes, be avoided even when you have the genetic markers.

Superhumans don’t exist, bro.

@Pikasaur, for your information, BOTH of my parents are superhumans.
And I expect nothing less than to be like them.
My father has all four components. My mother has three( the one she doesn’t have is fitness and muscle strength).

If they’re both superhuman and it is only due to their DNA, then you should have inherited their superhuman DNA as well.

I’m sure they got that way by studying and training and keeping themselves healthy. They weren’t born that way, no one is.