How to get a death certificate

I just went to my bank and put my friend down as beneficiary of my checking account (payable on death). My only problem is the health department only allows your spouse, child, grandchild, father, mother, maternal grandparents, funeral home, or beneficiary with proper documentation to have your death certificate.

I emailed the health department about what my friend needs to get my Death Certificate. Has anyone else been through this or know anything about this?

I only have a sister, uncle, and three cousins living.

I don’t mean to pry, but are you living with a terminal illness? I see your posts and come to that conclusion.

Wishing you the best.

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Nothing terminal at this time. I’m 61 and have emphysema and diabetes. They shorten your life span. The emphysema killed my grandmother but she didn’t stop smoking like I did.

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Let’s hope you have a while yet. :slight_smile:

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Thanks labratmat

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As long as you print out that form saying he/she is the beneficiary and they go to the funeral home as show the paper work (people get the death certificate from the funeral home) the funeral home should give it to them with no problem


Thanks Twialine

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