How to flag your own post/photo for deletion by the Moderators

Occasionally folks on the forum would like the Moderators to delete one of their posts (for example, a forum member may want the Mods to delete a selfie they posted).

@SacredNeigh7 asked how to do this earlier today so I will show the steps here in this Meta Topic using @SacredNeigh7’s above post as an example.

Here are the steps:

1) Go to the post you want to flag and click on the three dots

2) This then shows additional choices. Click on the Flag symbol.

3) This then opens the following window. Select “Something Else”.


4) A text editor box opens next to “Something Else”. Type in the reason, for example, you can type “Please delete”. Then click on “Message” which will send a Flag notification to the entire Mod Team.