How to feel safe

Hi everyone. I’m just wondering if anyone has had this happen to them…
Here lately even though I’m on my meds I feel like I daze out and my voices are going and then when I snap out of it I forget where I’m at and freak for a second.
Also I’m very unsettled at the moment because my cat has found a mouse and the mouse is squeaking and squeaking and I can’t help it cuz I can’t catch it and ugh… it’s making me worse somehow.

I’ve had that problem of being so deep in my head that I was completely surprised when I snapped out of it and saw where I was. In a way, it still happens, only not as bad as it used to. I have lost hours just listening to my head circus. I hate the feeling of coming out of it an hour later and in a different place.

I installed a lock on my old apartment because of this very reason. I thought the neighbors were trying to get into my apartment. The manager made me take it down but it made the thoughts better. :frowning: