How to explain something no one understands

I would call this an unusual belief, but it’s normal for me. I haven’t exactly had a very uptight religious upbringing, so I’ve been free to experience life with an open mind to it, without racial or religious bias in my childhood, living a very free spirited Catholic Christian life. I can’t talk about it openly to Christians though because they denounce the supernatural. You can’t talk about Tarot cards unless the person has education about different spiritual methods including the mystical. I’m not even sure where I would fall in if I could consider it a gift, or an awareness, or something I have yet to understand…I suffer so much not doing more good in the world. I wish I was more empathetic though, I feel cut off from higher thoughts and higher emotions. I do not think it’s related to mental health because I have always wanted to feel more, experience more, and be on a higher level on a better plane.

I’ve been thinking is it better to shed attachments or to understand whatevere is holding you back?

I have a fear that I have an item with a bad spirit attached to it, but the more I focus the more I see its archeytpes in every day life. So am I projecting this rapist demon, or is it having its way with me? I had recurring nightmares of being attacked by this demon for about 6 years. I don’t have the nightmares anymore, and the object instead of giving me physical chest pains when wearing it or looking at it, just leaves me drained and depressed. It was a vampire. Someone in a voodoo cult attached a vampire to a necklace I bought at a thrift store. I met someone who told me as he was a part of a cult and I never talked to him again. They use these objects to keep tabs on people. It’s a type of black magic. Well the object found me. I thought I had gotten rid of it but no it was in this old desk.

I haven’t noticed any strange paranormal activity yet. My mom seemed more upset, but that’s normal.

The necklace is supposed to be the key between the worlds, and can let other spiritual entities in. does that explain how S. Brown, my friend’s distant aunt Sylvia Brown messaged me from the dead like a ghost and I knew it was a ghost. Or why people see angels behind me when I’ve worked with angel magic? Is that why the demons are finally leaving me alone? they make me crazy, craving spiritual control over the elements, but I have to avoid that and learn the right way to exist, despite my sudden obsession with all my paranormal experiences. Not just coincidences, but prayer, possibilities I somehow overcame. Should I feel proud? no. I dont think pride fixes it. Sometimes I feel like I could wake up and be immortal. I don’t have delusions or false beliefs I simply believe something no one else believes, and most aren’t capable of experiencing.

I don’t know what power I have, but it terrifies me. I want to use it for good. what if I can regenerate life?

Paranormal activity:

DVD player opening and shutting when I walk close to it. Cloud parting. Manipulating weather.
Music on the radio pausing, but it’s a live show, and then continuing when I turn it back on.
Objects being thrown across the room, witnessed this at least three times
An orange lighter when I was in my bedroim, and a spiral metal candle holder flew off the fridge at a friends house. waking up knowing that someone was plotting to put a spell bottle in my house, and they admitted later. protection: herbs: holy basil, selenite, feathers, faith.
Seeing lights or orbs, strange yellow swirly things that don’t look real
weird weather, it starts raining every time I get to shelter as if it was waiting
Objects put in odd places bilocation
Camera recharging itself, images appearing on computer from a photo of object.

This still happens whether Im on or off anti-psychotics.

Do not mean to be rude, do you personally feel you have schizophrenia?

Much respect to your struggle, but these beliefs are not healthy. It’s basically causing certain bad thinking patterns, magnifying the faults in the brains behaviour.

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Its not a matter of belief. I’ve actually witnessed paranormal phenomena. So that was my whole point. A person with a diagnosis can’t explain that. Thanks it’s just pointing to the social backwardness of our culture and that the witch hunts are still on in America. I have my personal beliefs that will not be shaken by someone else trying to discredit what I experience without witnessing it themselves.

No I don’t feel I have schizophrenia. I’m not diagnosed with it.

That is understandable, I myself have actually witnessed about three really strange things in life that my friends saw as well as far as strange phenomena. With that said, these forums are meant for people who are diagnosed or feel they may be. (It isn’t so bad that there are a few people feeling confused who want to be heard once in awhile.) There are also relatives and i’d imagine at times friends of sufferers seeking knowledge in terms of personal experience and support in the way that often there are very stressful days when caring for someone close. Your posts may be better suited for a forum based on the paranormal unless you feel they may relate to mental illness particularly some form of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders. Not to say you aren’t welcome to post your thoughts on the illness rather that your unusual beliefs are a bit common with symptoms often attributed to schizophrenia. Now I am not saying you have schizophrenia in the least bit only reminding you this is :wink:

I’m sure you have witnessed some phenomena. So have I. But there is a big difference between witnessing one or two small things and suddenly accepting all the claims that are out there. Just opening the floodgates for all kinds of stuff is very unhelpful for mental stability.

I don’t understand. the topic is about how to explain things to people who don’t understand…any advice?

It doesn’t matter if you are floating around your bedroom.

Anything happens just shutup about it or they’ll lock you up.

Although if you are already committed you can talk about it. Everyone just dismisses it though.

SHOW THEM…don’t tell them…SHOW THEM with self example if thats what it takes.

Woooow. OK great advice. Just shut up or they’ll lock you up. thoughts are dangerous. ■■■■ the brave new world.

Not something that i enjoy or anything.

Thats the choice though, speak up and get locked away or be quiet and stay free, it’s how the world works.

There is no change here and there isn’t going to be any change, we can’t fight gods.

No you can’t sonofa15catfi…

How many gods are you talking about?

Neither did I, even when I was obviously delusional. As you are now.

See some doctors, share these thoughts with them, then accept whatever help you are offered.


You only get hospitalized when you pose a danger to yourself or others. The limited number of times I was hospitalized were all to my benefit. Pans has ongoing delusions and anything he says should be taken with a grain of salt. Actually, a block of salt.


You’re not a doctor, pixel. That is offensive that you are saying I’m obviously delusional for just expressing a personal experience that is taboo. Sorry it’s too taboo for you guys. I would imagine that everyone on this forum is :“delusional” and I should take what they say with a grain of salt. I haven’t been offered help. No one cares what happens to me. I’ve been ditched by the system, and it never served me. I can’t afford college, I’m not rich or a business leader, I hate money and I would rather be productive, but everyone here is so circular minded that no one can do anything different. Maybe I’m just sick of the same old topics and wanted to talk about something different, to add perspective.

If that is the attitude of the forum, that I should shut up about alternative ideas or perspectives than this is a stupid waste of time.

Hello StarryNight,

My advice would be to buy a digital camera and set it up to record your experiences. The big problem is sometimes weird stuff does happen. Do we imagine it or is it real? Try to be scientific and try to catch what is happening to you. Best of luck

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Regardless of your mental health, these are not healthy topics for people who do have delusions. You could end up adding fuel to their fire. Why not find a forum about these topics?