How to dress up for a fancy hotel?

Just wonderin’ about it

Like that woman in your avatar pic?

Jeans and t-shirt.

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Id go with a dark toga, relaxed but still black tie event acceptable. :grinning:

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Went to the second most high class hotel in hong kong. We wore street clothes. I don’t think it matters much, unless there is a event in the hotel itself you are attending.


I have stayed in many 4 star hotels and just wear my everyday clothes, even for evening meals. Never been a problem.

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Black dress and black ballet flats.

good recommendation. I have a black dress

Idk if this hotel is 4 star where I’m going

Do you have some expensive looking clothes?

not really. My most expensive clothing item is a hoodie that was 200€

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That’s expensive for a hoodie!

In that case I would just wear your favorite clothes that you like to wear and make you shine.

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