How to deal with unwanted feelings?

You remember there was this let’s say foreign guy who was interested in me. I developed some feelings for him, he was great at playing with my emotions. It’s been a year but I think about him often.

Why does this always happen to me? Should I send him a message?

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No you should not, he was just playing you, best to move on, we all have those in our lives that stick with us in our minds, but they have no interest in us


you’re right plus dealing with mental illness is a battle.


Besides if he sweeps you off you feet, I would be jealous and who would I post showers pic’s to ?

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you’re right, why do you think he’s not serious?

Just from what you posted and if he was serious he would have not broken off contact

I ghosted him, he didn’t ghost me. He still follows me on Instagram but I haven’t seen him online for two months while I was stalking his profile so I thought it’s a great opportunity to get in touch. I fought so hard to ghost him because of my illness.

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I don’t know why today I feel like this, I had so many nightmares and didn’t sleep well.

I’ll feel better tomorrow. But I have feelings for him and he’s not even attractive.

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He might have someone by now, which is why he may not have made contact, always a guess, Probably best to find someone closer if your out looking. long distance stuff to other countries are complicated and costly, plus they don’t usually work out


You’re 100% right.

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I’m feeling a little better, I took Xanax and a hot shower, I’m gonna make tea. This medication adjustment got me on a rollercoaster. I have so much work + Covid 19 is giving me panic attacks.


That’s good that you’re feeling better. :+1:

I also had to take a prn today because of anxiety.

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that sounds like a bad thing?

in that case I would stay away it is a bad sign.

ugh I get feelings for people too that I don’t want to, I just find reasons why I should forget liking them in that way

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