How to deal with threatening voices

Have people say they’re going to beat me up, shoot me, torture me, all the while inferring they are going to kill me. How can I deal with this? I don’t really say anything back to them. I hate to be treated like that.

When the voices get to intense for me like that I find my favorite loud song and play it with high volume and try to focus on the rhythm or beat intell I feel better or more controlled.


Whatever you do, don’t pander to them when they tell you to do things, promising they’ll stop harassing you. At certain points I did just that and it led to several awkward and embarrassing moments. They are hallucinations, they are different for everyone, and to attach any meaning to what they say is not only futile, but can be dangerous to yourself and others around you. Seek med treatment and ignore them to the best of your ability.

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