How to deal with intrusive images and what are supplements to take for them?

How to deal with intrusive images and what are supplements to take for them?

I take L-theanine and it helps a lot.

I take clonazepam, I suffer from intrusive images too

how much l theanine do you take? and what intrusive images do you get?

No intrusive images but I do not have a photographic memory. I can picture people or objects but Iran pretty hazy. Do you guys have photographic memories? Can you picture someone’s face clearly?

I take 450 mg in the mornings and 450 afternoon. I don’t have intrusive images but I have intense intrusive thoughts, ocd, anxiety and this helps a ton!

does the clonzaepam seem to help you from the images? I get suicidal images sometimes and its scary.

I don’t have intense intrusive images. I don’t like the intrusive thoughts that i get mostly. Also do you have a chronic daily tension headache here?

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No I don’t have a chronic headache.

when will the day come when there will be a cure for OCD intrusive images and OCD intrusive thoughts?

Try L Theanine.

does l theanine work intrusive images to? I doubt it would make a difference to be honest. I already take risperidone, lexapro, and ashwaghanda daily.

What is this?

I take Geodon, Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Sarcosine, L-Theanine, vitamin b complex and vitamin d.

What do you have to lose? Trust me on this. It has a big success rate

what if i microdose the sarcosine, and what if i microdose some things? I also take a vitamin b complex however not the full dosage. I do everything in small dosages because I react to medicines heavily. I forgot the word but i did g e n o mind and it helped me alot understand my genetics.

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it helps me for the anxiety

As you wish. You asked a question, I answered.

right but i have something to add i did go to the emergency room because of a drug interaction and it was a very very scary day for me. Fyi just to mention this. Also are there any guides online that say how to remove OCD intrusive thoughts and OCD intrusive images? also how does your sarcosine and l theanine help with the intrusive images?

Check with your pharmacist.

I take 4 gr sarcosine. You start slowly then add gradually.

Sarcosine seems to help my empty feeling.
Without L-Theanine I won’t survive! It quiets my mind and helps me stay focused.

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I get intrusive images and thoughts, but mainly images.
Klonopin didn’t help me in the past.
Depakote seems to be helping me a bit.

what do you mean your empty feeling? i don’t understand. You mean it helps with your anhedonia?