How to deal with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of false memories?

I remember past lives. I don’t know if they’re parallel universes or some dream world. It’s getting to me. I know it’s real but it can’t be. Why do I have this? I keep thinking things in my mind that happened in past lives. I can’t predict them. I only know after the fact. Sometimes I can see future events but don’t know which universe.

I can’t help you much, but what I do know is that even real memories aren’t that reliable in a lot of cases.

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I do have to battle off the past life memories… I have to be firm with myself and concentrate on the here and now. What’s in my hands now… that’s all I can react to.

This illness has left my head full of false memories, and it’s taken therapy and talking to my family to untangle them from real memories.

When this happens to me, I’m feeling euphoric and that a universal epiphany has revealed it’s self to me. Sometimes I can catch that I’m going into a manic spike.

Mindfulness and grounding helped me at least coast through these memories when they hit. I still get them, but I have to just let them pass.

Good luck

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