How to deal with forced questions

I was at starbucks earlier this morning. While I was waiting for my grande coffee this short stalky man looking enraged bursts in the door barges in past me.

I got up and got my coffee and decided to move to another chair since there was this lady doing her business on her phone I didn’t want to be that close. Well since I am sza I am pretty good at telling if another person is experiencing mental distress. The man friendly asks me a bizarre question like why did I switch my seat. He asked it on me twice as I simply do not like responding to the way people impose questions on you like the one ‘you alright’. When yes I am perfectly fine. Does it look like I need a nurse? I am just thinking that in my head. But anyway I finally respond to this poor guy maybe he was off his meds coz it was such a weird question he demanded to have answered. I replied oh i like this chair better. And looking dumbfounded I kept my cool and just left.