How to deal with dependence in a relationship

When you’re the dependent one? It’s like my boyfriend is the only thing that makes me happy and can keep me entertained. When I’m away from him even if just for a day I become so, so upset. I don’t want to be this way. I’m just not sure how to fix the problem. I try occupying myself with my hobbies but I just feel bored the whole time like it just feels like I’m killing time until I can see him again. Same thing when I’m out with friends (pre-corona).



I’ve been with my gal for 30 years and still tell her…

“Geez! You think I’m your big squeeky toy!”

(Whenever i go out with the guys she gets a bit skittish and misses me)

It’s cute though…a bit endearing as well.


I didn’t know you got a boyfriend! Congrats!!!

I know what you mean. We always argue about this, I think in general men are colder. I’m his opposite I always fight for attention and affection. He changed a bit and every time I tell him he’s not giving me enough attention, he tells me “More than this?”

I was dependent on my provider’s husband. I kept going to him until my provider pointed it out to me and put her foot down. I’m denying that there was any sexual attraction to it but I’ve been denying that all my life.

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